Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 two mile run

I ran two miles today. My foot was feeling sore but nothing crazy. I was playing around with my stride and foot strike to see what felt better for my foot. Long strides with any foot strike hurt like hell. So it was going to be my normal smaller strides then. Mid and Forefoot strikes was OK but after a bit the pain amped up. The best thing was almost striking with my heel. My hips will not like this after awhile but when my foot heals more I will go back to my regular stride.

My pace was 13:07 per mile. I not excited about the pace but with my foot feeling the way it does I will take just getting out there. It was great weather. Not that hot out but shinny. Saw another runner out there and tried to cheer him on going up the hill I was going down. Most likely he thinks I am insane.

Coach Notes:

If you don't know I have a coach. His name is Glenn Westerlund. He is with Run Your Best Race, LLC . I became friends with Glenn through a great site called Dailymile. I asked Glenn to coach me for the MCM because I am so afraid that I am not going to make. I just don't want to be pick up by the sweep or patty wagon as I call it!

Well, Coach Glenn overwhelmed me with information. Once, I take my time to go over all information I will be fine. Anyways, Coach wants me to start doing a warm-up before every run. This foreign to me! I have never did a warm-up before running. I am going to give it a good try.

The warm-up is Lunges: (5reps each) http://youtu.be/-K_CiRml-vQ
Front Lunges
Front Lunges with Twist
Side Lunges
Back to the Side
Back Lunges

In a couple of weeks he wants to add a cool down. The videos that he sent me for cool down are wild! When I start them I will let you know how that goes.

Tomorrow I have 4 miles to do. I am going to try to do them during my lunch hour. What I would usually do is do 2 at work and 2 at the YMCA. U has a baseball game so going to the YMCA is not going to happen.

Today I ate about 900 calories. I will be eating more tonight to get over 1200. OTA sent me a box of muffins, scones, and crumpets as a thank you for being a director of their marathon team. So I will be going to town on these things.

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