Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 3

Where to begin... OK how about I tell you went right with this run. The weather was awesome. The sun was shinning and nice breeze.

OK, now all the things that went wrong. I only had 37 mins to get 4 miles in. Needless to say I didn't get that in. My work loop is very hilly on top of it. My running skirt shorts keep riding up so my leg chump kept chaffing. My pesory was in wrong so I ended up peeing my paints. Foot still not a 100%. About .75miles into my run I realized that I forgot to do my warm up. So, I did it after my run. That was tough!

As, you can tell it was just not a happy run!

To make it better U had a baseball game today. I had to set in the cold rain during most of the game. I had my ex's 1970's Star Wars blanket to cover me and umbrella. My bum got wet anyways. The kids go completely wet. I am still cold and I got my fleece PJ's on. LOL!

Tomorrow is 2 miles and I hope this one goes better.

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